Samantha Daniel Napangati


Samantha Daniel Napangati was born in 1982 and is from the very remote Docker River Community (Kaltakatjarra), about 670km southwest of Alice Springs (by road).

She grew up with a strong artistic influence from her family of successful artists. Including her grandparents Clifford Possum and Linda Syddick Napaltjarri.

Samantha’s stories include “Travelling Women”, “Bush Seeds”, “My Grandmother’s Country” and “Women’s Ceremony”. Recently her favourite subject is “My Country” which represents important landmarks and features in the landscape.

Her paintings are very descriptive, telling the story of her family’s country. With expertly applied colours and exceptional composition, Samantha’s art immerses you in a very feminine and delicate universe.

Samantha’s talent is obvious and she is destined to becoming a major artist whose artwork will be sought after by collectors worldwide.