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Mimi Art Gallery

About Us

Mimi Art Gallery is an Aboriginal artist Studio located in Alice Springs, NT Australia. We are proud to work directly with talented Indigenous artists through Central Desert Australia including communities in Western Australia, South Australia and throughout the Northern Territory.

Mimi Art Gallery has been ethically and fairly operating for ten years dealing direct with Indigenous Artists to advocate Indigenous culture through art with the wider community. In turn Mimi Art gallery is proud to help support the economic sustainability of many Indigenous artist communities throughout Australia.

Contemporary Aboriginal Art Movement

In the early days, Aboriginal Art represented the sacred Dreamtime stories of many artists through the use of traditional iconography.

However, since the beginning of the Contemporary Indigenous Art Movement in Australia in the early 1970’s, the evolution of Aboriginal Art has really taken shape throughout Australia. At the forefront of the Aboriginal Art Movement in Central Desert Australia were artists such as Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Tommy Watson Yannima and Minnie Pwerle who paved way for the shift from more traditional iconography to more contemporary, abstract depictions of the innate Dreaming within Indigenous culture.

Indigenous Art therefore evolved from batik paintings painted with traditional ashes and ochres, to more contemporary abstract representations of the innate Dreamtime stories of so many talented Indigenous artists.

As a result, many different Indigenous Australian communities have their own unique styles of painting which has added to the diverse and contemporary nature of Aboriginal Art. At Mimi Art Gallery we are proud to continue to work with amazing artists who advocate their innate and unique culture through their painted representations of their sacred Dreaming.

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Aboriginal Art has world-wide appeal

Australian Aboriginal art may be unique to our country but it’s appeal extends far beyond with Contemporary Indigenous art making waves on the international art market, sought after by collectors world-wide!

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Aboriginal dot painting

Australian Aboriginal Dot painting is a unique and contemporary painting style that has evolved throughout generations of Central Desert Indigenous artists, as a means to share the sacred stories of their Country and culture.

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Mimi Art Gallery is committed to fairly and ethically dealing with Indigenous artists to advocate the safe, reputable and ethical creation of amazing Aboriginal artworks. Mimi Art Gallery has been dealing directly with Indigenous artists for ten years and is proud to continue to work with artists throughout Central Desert Australia in the creation of their unique and original artworks. All artworks are authentic and come fully certified.