Rosie Corby Nampitjinpa


Rosie Corby Nampitjinpa is a talented artist from Kintore in the Northern Territory. Kintore is approximately 520kms west of Alice Springs.

Rosie Corby is the daughter of the renowned Lindsay Corby and started her artistic career painting for the Papunya Tula artists centre.

Rosie paints vivid representations of her Dreaming “My Father’s Country”, “Emu Dreaming” and “Women’s Ceremony”.

Her Dreaming was passed down to her from her artist father as well as the women in her community, who inspired the artist to develop her own unique representations of her Country.

Rosie is most well recognised for her highly contemporary representations of her Country, depicted in her ‘My Father’s Country” and “Women’s Ceremony” stories. Here the artist uses structured dot work to create beautifully contrasting, linear designs on the canvas.

Rosie’s “Emu Dreaming” stories are often much more playful representations of the landscape and ancestral spirits who created it, incorporating bold, vibrant colours to highlight the Emu’s journey through her community.