Cindy Wallace Nungurrayi


Cindy Wallace Nungurrayi was born in 1973 in Santa Teresa (close to Alice Springs) and later relocated to the remote Utopia region of the Northern Territory (350km north east of Alice Springs).

Utopia has a thriving artist community and is the birthplace of many celebrated artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Cindy is the sister to another talented Santa Teresa artist, Colleen Wallace.

Cindy Wallace’s “Body Paint” works represent the designs the women paint on their bodies and the dancing tracks made in the sand during sacred women’s ceremonies.

The artist also paints the story of the “dreamtime Sisters’ which depict the ancestral spirits as they travelled through the land during the time of creation.

Cindy’s works are highly detailed and incorporate a range of vibrant, contrasting colours leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.