Cindy Morton Pwerle


Cindy Morton Pwerle was born around 1976 and belongs to the Alyawarre speaking people of Utopia, Central desert Australia, North-east of Alice Springs.

Cindy comes from a family of artists being the daughter of the renowned Aboriginal artist Gracie Morton Pwerle, and is the niece of award-winning artists, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre.

Cindy’s stories are reflected most prominently in her depictions of Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming, Bush Plum Dreaming and Bush Medicine Leaves. The significance of the Mountain Devil Lizard is so important to Utopian people, as the once feared lizard is now held sacred given that the Lizard’s journey throughout the land defined it’s landscape and sacred sites.

Similarly, Cindy depicts creation in her Bush Plum dreaming, as the story goes that Bush Plum seeds were blown across the lands at the time of creation and today, it’s fruit continues to be a valuable source of food.

The Bush Medicine Leaves depict the leaves of a particular type of shrub in Utopia that has medicinal qualities. The women collect the leaves and boil it down to make a paste. The sacred plant is also used in women’s ceremonies and has a variety of practical uses.