Anna Price Pitjara


Anna Price Petyarre (Pitjara) was born in around 1965 in the famous Aboriginal artist community of Utopia (350km north east of Alice Springs).

Anna Price is niece to another well-respected Utopian artist, the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Anna predominantly paints “Yam Seed Dreaming” and “My Country”, which is the common dreaming of her land and people.

For untold generations, the Anmatyerre people have been harvesting the seeds from this plant, to be ground down into a fine powder to make damper. It is a highly nutritious and hardy food source in the desert. The sacred plant is celebrated in women’s ceremonies, through song, dance and body painting. Through Anna’s artwork, she continues to celebrate these ancient dreamtime stories.

In Anna’s representations “My Country”, a delicate dotting style comes together to depict the sandhills and waterholes found on the land. Anna portrays her land from an arial view point which makes her work not only a representation of her Dreaming but also a stunning piece of contemporary art.