Angelina Ngale Pwerle


Angelina Ngale Pwerle, the daughter of Nellie Petyarre was born in 1947 in Utopia, Central Desert Australia, North-east of Alice Springs. She began painting in the late 1980’s after being involved in the Batik movement in the 1970’s.

Her dreaming portrays the traditional story of many Utopian women called ‘Awelye’ (Body Paint) but Angelina also paints Bush Plum Dreaming and Atham-areny, which depicts ancestral spirits dancing to take away sickness caused by tiny creatures that live where there is no fire.

Angelina’s works have been featured in galleries, exhibitions and museums throughout Australia, and on an international level, Angelia has had her pieces featured in Japan, Italy and The United States of America.

The vivid, contrasting colours used by Angelina in her Atham-areny dreaming highlight the power of Angelina’s ancestral spirits. Angelina uses a myriad of colours in accordance with solid dashes to add detail to the appearance of the spirits, resulting in a bold yet inviting example of unique Aboriginal art.