Abie Loy Kemarre


Abie Loy Kemarre began painting in 1994 under the guidance of her grandmother, the acclaimed Western Desert artist, Kathleen Petyarre and other talented artist relatives. Abie is the daughter of Margaret Loy Pula (who won the Wynne Prize in 2012) and Ray Loy Pula. Her aunt is the celebrated artist, Gloria Petyarre.

Abie is a custodian of the Bush Hen Dreaming, which she inherited from her Grandfather. Abie’s Bush Hen paintings represent the story of the bush hen travelling in search of bush seeds scattered across the land during the Dreamtime. It is somewhat like a map that indicates landmarks where significant events occurred in the Dreaming story.

Able is also highly regarded for her unique representation of the sacred “Bush Medicine Leaves” that the women of Utopia gather at different times of the year to make use of the multiple, important medicinal qualities this plant bears. 

The artist utilises a vivid colour palette in her Bush Leaves representations and illustrates the plant as a whole, by painting it’s seeds and having the leaves blossom out from them. 

Abie’s highly contemporary design, with it’s vibrant colour palette and interesting movement, makes her works highly sought after by art collectors world-wide.