Julie Robertson Nangala

Julie Robertson Nangala is a talented up and coming artist from the remote Aboriginal community Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert region of Central Australia, 293 km northwest of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Julie is one of five daughters of the acclaimed and world-renowned artist, the late Dorothy Napangardi. Dorothy tragically died in a car accident near Alice Springs while on a hunting trip, on 1st June 2013.

Along with her sister Sabrina Robertson Nangala, the sisters are fast becoming recognized as being at the forefront of the new generation of exciting contemporary Indigenous Australian artists.

Like their mother Dorothy, the inspiration for both of the sisters artworks are related to significant ceremonial sites in their land Mina Mina and the Tanami Desert. Many Dreaming stories are associated with this country, including the main subject of Julie’s paintings “Mina Mina”.