Tips on Buying Aboriginal Art

TOP TEN Tips on buying Aboriginal Art Online

1. Gain some general background knowledge of Indigenous Australian art and culture. Learn about Aboriginal Dreaming, creation stories, the meaning behind cultural symbols. You can certainly come to us here at Mimi Art Gallery to answer any questions you might have or we can suggest some good reading. Keep abreast of our blogs with news and current affairs.

2. Do some online research on your favourite artists. Check out other online galleries and you will be confident that the quality of our art is superior and furthermore the price you will pay with us is always more competitive.

3. Check if the artist’s work is held in major galleries and collections. Visit some galleries and museums to view the artist’s body of work first hand.

4. Take note of the size, age and condition of the work. Also the materials used; Belgium linen is of highest quality whereas Canvas is more economical. Usually the popular artists will work with linen.

5. Does the artwork come with a Certificate of Authenticity? Is the information provided with the certificate clear and accurate? Is the origin of the artwork ethical and fair?

6. When buying from Mimi Art Gallery you can rest assured that you are buying 100% authentic Aboriginal Art. We can give a 100% guarantee because the artists actually work with us. WE ARE NOT AN ON-SELLER. Therefore our Certificate of Authenticity is backed by our practice.

7. Be aware of buying Aboriginal Art from online ONSELLERS. There are a few online companies that aid in the on-selling of products, they do not specialise in Aboriginal Art and therefore it is through these such companies that fake art can be offered. The Consumer Watchdog has warned against buying online through these such companies. So always buy from a reputable company specialising in Aboriginal Art. Our Director and Art Specialist, Giovanna Fragomeli, holds her Degree in Australian Art, so you have come to the right place.

8. Check delivery and stretching/framing options; Will the artwork be supplied stretched/framed or be supplied in a tube? Check the costs involved. Remember that if you intend to hang the artwork you will need to have it stretched and this can became costly. So take advantage of our FREE FRAMING service, you will save $$$!

9.  When purchasing from Mimi Art Gallery, choose if you would like the artwork sent to you in a tube FREE OF CHARGE (both for National and International buyers) or if you would like to make use of our FREE FRAMING service. If you wish to take advantage of our FREE FRAMING and have your artwork stretched (which means it will be framed and ready to hang) then this is also FREE OF CHARGE for Australian deliveries only.

10. Feel happy and confident about your purchase!