Authenticity & Guarantee

Authenticity & Guarantee

What is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?
A Certificate of Authenticity is commonly a seal/stamp on paper authenticating a specific art work to demonstrate that the item is authentic. The COA is signed and sealed by a reputable appraiser or Art Specialist. Generally speaking, a valid COA for an artwork will include specific details about the artwork like when and how it was produced, the name of the artist, the work’s exact title, dimensions of the art and any photo documentation of the artwork/artist.

OUR Certificate of Authenticity

All of the art we sell comes accompanied by a Mimi Art Gallery certificate of authenticity (COA). This COA will have the artist’s name, title of artwork and dimensions. It will also be signed by an authorised Art Specialist. In our case Director & Aboriginal Art Specialist, Giovanna Fragomeli is our authorised specialist, holding a degree from The University of Sydney in Art History together with actively working with the artists qualifies her for this important position.

You will also notice our Mimi Art Gallery stamp seal on the COA. This will help to ensure that the COA you have is an authentic Mimi Art Gallery document.

OUR Guarantee

Mimi Art Gallery can offer a 100% guarantee of authenticity because we actually produce the artworks in our studio in Alice Springs. We are not primarily on-sellers, like many dealers and galleries. We have a buzzing working artist’s studio where the artists will spend days sometimes weeks or months producing the artworks. Therefore you can be assured that the artwork you get is not only 100% authentic, it will also be of the highest quality. Our art specialists supervise the entire process, ensuring that the artist is using the highest quality paints and canvas and that they are working in a comfortable environment to create their best work.