Choosing the perfect Aboriginal art works for you home or office can be a daunting experience, but we can help make this an enjoyable one.
Our complimentary consultancy service offers in-home or in-office visits in order to establish exactly what art work will work best in the particular space or spaces you have.

We will aim to not only provide advice on what will aesthetically look appealing but also we will help with your complete understanding of the actual artworks sacred stories and the biographies of the artists. These are very important points when dealing with Aboriginal Art.

Once you are armed with the pertinent information, you will find that not only will you enjoy the artworks more, you will gain a heightened appreciation for their significance – something you can share with others for years to come.

And you can be assured you are getting the best advice available as Director Giovanna Fragomeli holds her BA majoring in Australian Art History from the University of Sydney, ensuring that any special commission will be a well analysed acquisition.