Artist Bio


Elsie Granites Napanangka (1965) is a talented artist from “Yuendumu” in the Northern Territory.

Yuendumu is one of the largest remote communities in the Northern Territory and has a thriving community of Aboriginal artists, including Felicity Robertson Nampitjinpa, Judy Watson Napangardi and the late Dorothy Napangardi.

Yuendumu lies 293km northwest of Alice Springs on the Tanami Track in the Gibson Desert and is a community largely made up of the Warlpiri and Anmatyerr Aboriginal people.

Elsie’s paintings are based on the Dreaming of her custodial land “Mina Mina” the country west of her birthplace in Yuendumu.

Elsie paints in the minimalist black and white dotting style, similar to the late Dorothy Napangardi who also painted “Mina Mina”. Elsie also experiments with painting in various other decorative modern styles, usually also in black and white.