Ethics & Values

We at Mimi Art Gallery strive to serve the Aboriginal community fairly and with respect. We are committed to promoting ethical trading standards in buying and selling Indigenous Art.

What is the Indigenous Art Alliance and why is it important?

The Indigenous Art Alliance was formed mid 2013 and is only in it’s initial stages, so we are a small group but we have a big vision. This vision is to spread the word that trading in Indigenous Art can be a fruitful experience for everyone involved, both artists and dealers. Because their is a minority of unscrupulous dealers this can sometimes tarnish all the good that other ‘ethical’ dealers, galleries and traders are doing for the Indigenous art community. The Indigenous Art Alliance was created in 2013 and is a not-for -profit support network, in that we do not handle monies what-so-ever. Our goal is to become an association of like minded ethical traders and enthusiasts of Indigenous art. This Alliance will strive to act as a support network for the Indigenous Artists on the register and to promote an ethical trading community in Indigenous Art for all it’s members.

The Indigenous Art Alliance is passionate in supporting the rights of Indigenous Artists and our objective is that all dealers, galleries or trader members of the Alliance will engage in ethical creating and trading of Indigenous Art works.

The Indigenous Art Alliance does not purport to be a governing body in this industry, our goal is to purely become a network of like minded ethical traders whom has a close working relationship with the Indigenous Artists.

Our Promise as an Indigenous Art Alliance Member:

  • To work ethically, honestly and fairly with artists.
  • Provide a safe working environment for artists and their families.
  • Document all artworks by catalogue number and maintain the database for future enquiries.
  • Uphold our commitments to the artists and the Alliance.
  • Take into consideration the cultural significance of the artworks and handle them with respect and care.
  • Ensure all artists are paid ethically.